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What We Did

  • Creative Strategy
  • Experiential Production
  • Content Development
  • Podcast Production
  • Project Management
  • The Challenge

    Rice Business wanted to spotlight their research initiatives and elevate the discussion with a broader Texan audience. To this end, Texas Monthly Studio and Rice Business partnered to host panel discussions during SXSW 2019 called Hotel Texas Monthly. With that success, Rice Business decided to take the idea one step further via curated, thought-provoking podcasts.

    Our Solution

    To capture, re-package, and share these innovative discussions for future audiences. Texas Monthly Studio produced a custom podcast series based on live event discussions at the SXSW event. In addition to audio production, Texas Monthly Studio supported overall content strategy, working with a freelance journalist to research, distill, and script seven episodes that included highlights of the original interviews alongside thoughtful commentary from a series host.

    The final series was published through the school’s business journal, Rice Business Wisdom.


    Promotional Impressions
    Podcast Episodes

    It’s a pleasure to recommend the TM Studio team as podcast producers. Their creativity, professionalism, and above all, expertise at telling a riveting story are outstanding. Their products beautifully showcased sophisticated research, making it clear to a general audience just why these ideas matter.

    Claudia Kolker, Editor, Rice University Jones Graduate School of Business, Rice Business Wisdom

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